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Unbridled Houseboat Design & Innovation. Founded in 1996, Thoroughbred Houseboats quickly gained favor in the rapidly expanding houseboat market.  Unbridled by legacy investment or traditional houseboat design ideas, Thoroughbred created a new vision for the houseboat lifestyle.
Houseboat Design

Houseboat Design

Designed for boating pleasure. We begin with a thought, an emotion, ending with a design that will awaken your joy, passion, and excitement. We do more than just design houseboats, we awaken passion, family time, down time.

Just some of the our standard features are:  34″ Hull, 8 ft. 6″ Side Walls, Insulation Package, Anodized Rails, Diamond Plate Catwalks, Custom Made Cabinets, and list goes on.  Please check out our Standards page for the complete list of items.

Houseboat Innovation


Thoroughbred Houseboats not only stands for the leader in quality, perfection, and a big part of the history of houseboats, but also the future of houseboats. It is our heartfelt goal to make houseboats more efficient, safer, and more comfortable.

Thoroughbred is “the” leader in innovation. With our working knowledge of houseboats we are able to help our customers design better floorplans based on how they want to use their houseboat. Some of these innovations are in the distinctive designs – making Thoroughbred unmistakable! See some of our innovative designs.

Houseboat Renovation and Repair

Renovation & Repair

Over the last 5 years Thoroughbred has taken on the task of renovations and repair mostly due to acts of nature, but also to those that want to just “update” their boat. Thoroughbred currently has several projects under construction at this time and has a dedicated team to manage these projects. For more information contact the Trifecta Service Department at 606-340-8029 or email Service@trifectaboats.com.

Our goal is to make the process enjoyable while delivering unparalleled level of service from our talented team.

Houseboat Sales

Interested in new or used houseboat sales? Trifecta Houseboats can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Contact us today.


Houseboat Service

Do you need assistance with your existing houseboat – or maybe a renovation? Contact the experienced team at Trifecta Houseboats.